Sponsors and Supporters

Please consider sponsoring urllib3 development, especially if your company benefits from this library.

Your contribution will go towards adding new features to urllib3 and making sure all functionality continues to meet our high quality standards.

v2.0 Sponsor Perks


Get in contact for additional details on sponsorship and perks before making a contribution through GitHub Sponsors if you have questions.

Silver v2.0 Sponsor Perks

  • Your organization name and URL permanently added to the Sponsors and Grants section below

  • Thank you within the v2.0 release announcement and on Twitter from urllib3 maintainers

Contribute to the “Silver v2.0 Sponsor” tier on Open Collective.

Gold v2.0 Sponsor Perks

  • Organization logo and URL listed on top of the v2.0 Roadmap

  • Call with one or more urllib3 maintainer(s) to discuss the v2.0 release and how it impacts your organization

  • Your organization will be thanked within the v2.0 release announcement, within all blog posts and public updates related to v2.0 development, and multiple thank-you’s on Twitter from urllib3 maintainers throughout v2.0 development

  • All perks from the Silver v2.0 Sponsors Perks above

Contribute to the “Gold v2.0 Sponsor” tier on Open Collective.

Sponsors and Grants

A grant for contiguous full-time development has the biggest impact for progress. Periods of 3 to 10 days allow a contributor to tackle substantial complex issues which are otherwise left to linger until somebody can’t afford to not fix them.

Contact @sethmlarson or @shazow to arrange a grant for a core contributor.

We also welcome sponsorship in the form of time. We greatly appreciate companies who encourage employees to contribute on an ongoing basis during their work hours. Let us know and we’ll be glad to add you to our sponsors list.